An Italian vintage Vespa, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is going to start with a "V". If its starts with something else, it's not from Italy, and may be a clone made by a license in another country (France, Spain, India, Indonesia, etc. as Baja, AMC, Douglas, etc.). A DGM or IGM number on the frame is the Italian Department of Motor Vehicles licensing/homologation number and other scooters just like yours will have the same number. Vespa chassis number location variantions are described below based on your Vespa type and manufacture year.

To decode your VIN (vespa vin decoder) use the VIN lookup table at the top. You will able to find what year is your vespa,

Where to find the Vespa Frame Numbers

The location of the VIN or frame number on a Vintage Vespa varies according to the type of model it is.

Smallframe VIN Numbers (Vespa Small frame VIN or frame number location)

VIN will be on the right-hand side; the engine side. Remove the engine side door. It will be on the top lip.

The motor number on all smallframe Vespas is stamped on the rear of the motor, next to the oil fill plug, and just below the shock absorber mount.

Largeframe 8" "Widebody" VIN Numbers (Vespa Widebody VIN or frame number location)

VIN will be on the frame, between your legs. Open the carb access door, and it will be on the upper lip. Some later models will have the frame number on the rear of the frame.

Largeframe 8" Wheel VIN Numbers (8" Wheel, G.L., and Sprint)

Vespa 1960s/1970s Largeframe VIN or frame number location is on the frame lip that sticks out under where the cowl meets the frame (directly below the glovebox cowl and above the exhaust pipe tip). Lay on the floor and use a flashlight to see it properly.

Largeframe 10" Wheel VIN Numbers (G.S.160, Super Sport, Rally, and all P-Series Vespas)

VIN is stamped on the right side of the frame, towards the rear of the motor. Remove the engine cowl to see the frame number.

The motor number is stamped on the engine swingarm. It is on a raised area adjacent to where the exhaust pipe header leaves the cylinder.