The Vespa PK is considered the legitimate heir, revisited with a '80s aesthetic of the Vespa Primavera. Produced by 1982 , and 1984 in advance ignition, characterized by the term "electronic" on his stomach on the left. It is considered to all intents and purposes a wasp "small frame", but it is not as small as 125 Primavera or the Vespa 50 Special is suitable for any height. There is a basic version, distinguished by the absence of S in the acronym, which does not have the arrows and the trunk compartment behind the shield. In addition there are the following series, magazines aesthetics in the central part of the shield, which ends much more subtle, in-dash, upgraded instrumentation, which in the original version only includes a speedometer-odometer round, two lights (headlights and turn signals) integrated into a vertical rectangle outside over the instrument, and in the back, where the rear lights are integrated in a plastic shell and gems of very thin arrows: this series is called PK-XL.
Specifications: 2-stroke engine , cylinder 121 cm ³. (Mm.55 bore, stroke mm.51) at 45 ° fueled by a mixture of gas and oil at 2% due to gravity, air cooled, carburetor Dell'Orto SHBC 19-19 / E, Kickstarter, exchange knob 4-speed with clutch in oil bath, drum brakes front (plus) and rear wheels 10 inch tires 3.00-10r. Like all wasps with manual transmission has no secondary transmission, but the drive wheel is pivoted "cantilevered" directly to the secondary shaft output from the gearbox.

Vespa PK125 - Series description

VMX1T  1982-1985

Vespa PK125 - Technical specification

Frame type Rim Gears speed km/h Specification

VMX1T  1982-1985


smallframe 10" 4 gears 90 km/h

Production PK 125 7278 specimens Colors white red green Chassis number PK 125 VMX1T 1101-8378 Engine Cylinders / time 2-stroke single cylinder Displacement 121.1 cc Bore and stroke 55 X 51 mm Compression ratio 9.25: 1 Power / RPM 6.8 hp \ 5600 Torque / revs 0.95 kmm \ 4000 Cooling Forced air Distribution rotating Supply Carburetor orchard 19 Mixture 2% Ignition electronics Start crank electric Clutch multidisc in oil bath Change 4-speed knob Cycling Frame Monocoque Front suspension Pull rod wheel with coil spring and shock absorber Rear Suspension Coil spring and shock absorber Final Drive Direct Wheels Cantilever interchangeable with disk decomposable Front brake Drum 150 mm Rear brake Drum 150 mm Tires 3.00 X 10 front and rear Dimensions and Weight Length 1675 mm Width 700 mm Seat height 790 mm Wheelbase 1175 mm Tank 5.8 liters Weight 88 Kg Performance claims Speed ​​'maximum 90 Km / h acceleration nd consumption 2 l \ 100 km

Vespa PK125 - VIN numbers; VIN serial numbers; Chassis number

  VIN prefix Year VIN Chassis Number Vespas made  
VMX1T 1982 1101 - 2850 1 749
VMX1T 1983 2851 - 3592 741
VMX1T 1984 3593 - 7636 4 043
VMX1T 1985 7637 - 8378 741

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