There are 2 verions of a Motovespa 150s

Mk1 150s which is what Sportique seems to have - based on a VNB Type frame, came standard with round headlight, no raised fin on headset, but do have a tell tale light mounted forward of square GS150 type speedo. Glovebox is fixed panel type, as VNB/VBB etc.. 10"wheel as standard - 125s version has 8" as standard. Front mudguard aslo similar to GS 150, being a one piece pressing. Produced upto 1963.

Mk2 150s, has a Trapezoid Headset, clam shell type speedo, front forks as per GL, Sprint etc.., Frame and side panels as per GS160 Mk2 - wide separate 2 piece horncast pressing, 2 piece front mudguard, similar to GS in profile. Glovebox positioned behind legshields and spare wheel holder under side panel. Production from 1964


Vespa has the round front light. Motovespa are famous for using whatever bits are left over from previous builds. 1963 150s in Spain had the round front light. 1964 they went with the trap headset.

It appears that the Motovespa 150s is basically a GL with GS cowls. Seeing as the GS160 was released before the GL, it would make sense that for the year 1963, it could have had a VBB/GS headset.

1963 series 1 motovespa 150S. This is down to the round headlight, frame and engine numbers, 10 inch standard wheels, etc etc.

It has the body of a GS160 mark II, but has a different headset, and the forks off a Vespa Sprint. The 1961 to 1964 models have round headlights similar to a Vespa VBB. The 1965 model has a trapeziodal headlight.

Vespa 150s - Series description

VTT  1961-1963 (#1 series - MK1)

V13502C  1964-1965 (#2 series - MK2)

Vespa 150s - Technical specification

Frame type Rim Gears speed km/h Specification

VTT  1961-1963 (#1 series - MK1)


wideframe 10" 4 gears 90 km/h

V13502C  1964-1965 (#2 series - MK2)


wideframe 10" 4 gears 90 km/h

Vespa 150s - VIN numbers; VIN serial numbers; Chassis number

  VIN prefix Year VIN Chassis Number Vespas made  
VTT #1 series - MK1
V13502C #2 series - MK2

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