The electric system from Ds is very bad when is broke, and is difficult find the same piece (Femsa factory is close) Levistronic is the other option but the quality is lower. Not is possible put Ducati system because the engine cassing is diferent...

Vespa 200 DS / 200 DN - Series description


The first Spanish built P200E models were listed as P200 DS These models were the same as Italian pre indicator PX s from 1977 but had Rally model front forks and headsets as well as no indicators also and a slightly lower seat with an embosssed pattern in the vinyl on the top.The seat and horncast badges clearly stated Motovespa. As for paint I have only seen these machines in Silver Red and white These machines were quickly replaced during 1981 as Motovespa decided to produce the P200E DN.

DN 9.510.001  1981-0

The Spanish model P200E were known as the P200DN. The previous model was known as the the DS. The Spanish built model was identical the the Italian model except: Badges were still MotoVespa and these badges were fitted on the horncast x 2 and rear of seat. Rear hub plates stands and rear shock absorbers are finished in battleship grey instead of Piaggios matt black and silver items. Seats again were different being lower and covered in a thicker embossed vinyl.maybe harder wearing due to the sun.Tyre were always ACS michelin but made in Spain not Italy. During 1983 a limited edition model was produced in Black only with go faster stripes and a lower seat again.This was produced just before the launch of the P200EFL. Colours are Red White & Black. VTA DN*9547067 (1985) MotoVespa A-0047 VTA DN*9546??1*

Vespa 200 DS / 200 DN - Technical specification

Frame type Rim Gears speed km/h Specification


largeframe 0" 0 gears ? km/h

The main mechanical change was the use of Spanish produced Femsa electronics in place of the recently introduced Ducati electronic parts fitted to Late UK spec Rally 200 and the new P200E.

DN 9.510.001  1981-0

9 DN 510.001

modern 10" 4 gears 110 km/h

Small details include rims pressed out of thicker steel and different choke cables and choke levers similar to the small frame models. Electrics were almost all Ducati but i have seen a few with the infamous Femsa.Headlamps were either CEV or triom italian produced for example. All P200E DN Mark 1 in Spain were fitted with external panel locks and manual oil mixing at 2 percent. Never seen a Spanish Mark 1 P200E DN with manual indicator lights electric start or oil injection

Vespa 200 DS / 200 DN - VIN numbers; VIN serial numbers; Chassis number

  VIN prefix Year VIN Chassis Number Vespas made  
DN 9.510.001
DN 9.510.001

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