These models Brand Vespa GTS ie Model 250 Engine Year 2007 Fuel consumption for 100km 3.70 Acceleration (seconds) 0-50 km / h 3.90 0-100 km / 14.90 h 50-80 km / h 4.2 flagship of the Vespa 2007 - GTS 250 ie - submits its convenience, no matter what you do: celebrate ride, storm the traffic on your way to work or decided to skip out of town for a picnic. Four stroke-injected engine, issuing 21 horsepower, is one of the most powerful engines in the production line. Its traction properties for the eyes is enough for overtaking, but at the start he was able to leave behind most of the four-boxes. In addition, it allows you to easily keep the GTS top speed on the track. At idle it is a great single-cylinder scooter makes the heart to vibrate slightly. What distinguishes this product from classmates, so this style. Almost every part has a special Italian charm. The succession of generations tastefully highlighted chrome trim mirrors, emblems and overlap. Twenty-first century, however, also brought their strokes - a digital display, the fruit of modern technology, blend in retro design. But what can really impress with its refinement, it's footrests for the passenger. That's really, truly a work of art, even the process of unfolding is fascinating. This is a must see. sensation of driving on the highway, leave no doubt - maksiskuter under you, though with its 150 kg, it looks lightweight than competitors. However, the optimal weight for the road, and discomfort is felt only in crossing the city traffic, and even then, if we compare it with the weight of the "small" models. larger, compared with the younger class, the weight is compensated by others - power. During testing, the scooter, we decided to check the acceleration from 0 to 50 km / h GTS handled it perfectly well and showed convincing results - 3.9 seconds. This result he can show all day thanks to the automatic transmission. most important indicator for the splitter plugs is to accelerate from 50 to 80 km / h The engine in the 250 blocks help disperse the car for 4.2 seconds. Displayed time makes it easy to bypass the flow trough different ... sorry, cars. Few scooters can repeat this record. The only drawback of this trend can be considered your lighter pockets after a visit to the gas station, but given the incredible efficiency of this model Vespa, your wallet will not remain absolutely empty. trunk of the model is good, despite the fact that the fully-integral helmet there will not push . If you're too impatient to ride in a closed helmet - do not take the money for 42litrovy rear trunk of Vespa and you will have to attach your hat while you are stopped at a cafe for a cup or two. Of course, the integral gives more comfort during long trips, but if you, for example, prefer open-face helmet, you will be able to place in the trunk of just two such "caps", but still raspihat to separate all small things. To heighten the comfort provided a small lockable glove compartment in front. You can fit a lot of small, but they are not less useful items, which will provide a quick and convenient access. If this model had flaws, then most likely it would be a central footrest. What is comfortable in a small unit, is not quite to the point - you have to work hard to put on her scooter. Well, digital tachometer is bad that he ... digital. The small size and proximity to the fuel gauge readings do not read. On the other hand, with an automatic transmission, very few people would think to constantly monitor engine speed, so not a great loss. And that's unusual, and I can even say vital omission - is the lack of Kick. I do not understand the motivation of engineers Vespa, decided to clean it up, though, and I do not think it will be someone to miss. Simply, I personally quieter ride with a kick ... Well, just in case. I think that the classic scooter, which is the Vespa GTS 250ie, Kick need at least for reasons of nostalgia. valid only drawback GTS, so is its price. Of course not all vespomanam rested on what, but the average buyer will be difficult to motivate yourself to buy. Acquisition of Vespa that decision, coming soon from the heart, not the mind. 're in town, Vespa 250 feels at ease. This beautiful creation as an aesthetic point of view, as its design combines classic and modern motifs, and from the point of view of engineering, with a powerful engine 250kubovomu. Undoubtedly, it is - one of the best scooters that you can buy. What do you want - the flagship Vespa, and these guys know a lot about scooters. After all, they invented them. 0-50km / h 3.9 seconds 0-100km / h 14.9 seconds 50-80 km / h 4.2 seconds Fuel consumption 3.7l/100km speedometer error of 50 km / h on the speedometer = 45 km / h real 100 km / h on the speedometer = 91 km / h real ________________________________________ From: The powerful engine, the classic form of Vespa, quality assembly and sturdy construction, good acceleration, economical fuel consumption, elegant finish. Cons: Price, no Kick, helmet integral part only in the additional carrying case, hard - it's hard to put on the central bandwagon. ________________________________________ Specifications Max. shaft power 22l.s. at 8.250 rev / min Max. 20.2Nm torque at 6,500 r / min Engine Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, chetyrehklapanny, four-stroke engine 244sm3 Seat height 790mm Dry weight 138kg Fuel tank capacity 9.2l (2.0 liter reserve) Starting Electric Transmission Automatic CVT CVT "Twist and Go " Cooling liquid Dia. * Cylinder stroke 72 x 60mm chassis bearing steel chassis with increased cantilever front suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers and double acting coaxial spring Rear suspension Dual double acting shock absorbers with adjustable preload Front brake 220mm disc two-piston rear brake 220mm disc single-piston front disc / tire Cast, alum. Alloy 12 "x 3.00" Tubeless 120/70-12 Rear Wheels / Tires Cast, alyum.splav 12 "x 3.00" Tubeless 130/70-12 Length 1940mm Width 755mm Wheelbase 1395mm Max. speed (km / h) 122 km / h Consumption at km / h - km / l 39km / l at 60 km / h Sound Indicator Yes Capacity for helmet-integral with the optional saddlebags glove but fuel gauge yes yes ASSYST Castle trunk ( remote) not lock the trunk (in the block ignition) Yes Alarm No Rating edition Vespa GTS 250 ie Pros: Powerful engine, classic shape Vespa, quality assembly and sturdy construction, good acceleration, fuel consumption ekonomichngoe, elegant finish. Cons: Price, no Kick, helmet integral part only in an extra suitcase, hard - it's hard to put on the central bandwagon. Overall rating: 7.7 Control: 7.0 Performance: 8.0 Cost: 8.0 Price: 6.0 Ease: 7.0 Style: 9.0 Quality: 9.0

Vespa GTS 250 ie - Series description


ZAPM459L685006981 - 2008 ZAPM459L685007547 - 2008 ZAPM459L195009773 - 2009 M4510: Vespa GTS 250ie (Europe, UK, Australia) M459L: Vespa GTS 250ie (North America)

Vespa GTS 250 ie - Technical specification

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Frame type Rim Gears speed km/h Specification


12" CVT - continuously variable transmission 118 km/h

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