The Vespa 160GS, produced from 1962 to 1964 , is the sports model that replaces the GS 150. At that time represents the Vespa model with displacement highest ever produced.
Compared to the Vespa 150 GS has a completely new chassis and engine, an unprecedented suspension front where the ' shock integrates the spring (a solution that will be then taken on all Small Frame models and PX series), spare wheel integrated under the belly left an unpublished glovebox proceeds posteriorly. The latter is exclusive feature of the first units produced, identified as "160 GS first series."
In the next set is adopted, for the first time, the front trunk, attached to the back of the shield. Represents the best of production: it is fast and elegant, reaches 103 km / h of speed maximum, due to 8.9 hp of maximum power.
It is produced in a single color light gray and coupled with the saddle. Will be replaced in 1964 by the Vespa 180 SS.

Vespa 160GS - Series description

VSB1T  1962-1962 (#1 series - MK1)

VSB1T  1963-1964 (#2 series - MK2)

Vespa 160GS - Technical specification

Frame type Rim Gears speed km/h Specification

VSB1T  1962-1962 (#1 series - MK1)


largeframe 10" 4 gears 100 km/h

ENGINE: 2-stroke, 158.5 of the Civil Code, engine code VSB1M Bore: 58 mm. STROKE: 60 mm. POWER: 8.9 HP at 6500 rpm SAFC: 7.3:1 TRANSMISSION: 4 Speed​​, clutch friction plates 3 POWER: Ported Piston to cylinder, Dell'Orto SI 27/23 with air filter, a 5% blend. WHEELS: 3.50 × 10 SUSPENSION: hydraulic shock absorber with coaxial spring on the front, variable rate coil spring double tapered coaxial hydraulic shock absorber on the rear. BRAKES: ventilated front drum, rear drum vented. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: mixed AC and DC 6v 6v (6V battery - 12 Ah), HT coil external metal rectifier. LIGHT FRONT: Lighthouse diameter 115, filaments bulb 6v - 6v position lamp 25/25W + - 3W) REAR LIGHT: 6v - 6v brake light + 3W - 10W COLOUR: Grey White lead (Code Max Meyer 1.298.8714) COLOR WHEELS, COVER, spare wheel cover, FRONT HUB: Aluminium (Code Max Meyere 1.268.0983) RUST: Hazel (Max Meyer Code 3000M) TANK: 9 liters including reserve (1.8 L). SPEED ': 103 Km / h

VSB1T  1963-1964 (#2 series - MK2)

largeframe 10" 4 gears 100 km/h

Production 31,000 copies Colors light gray Frame numbers VSB1T 030001-61000 Engine Cylinders / time 2-stroke single cylinder Displacement 158.5 cc Bore and stroke 58 X 60 mm Compression ratio 7,3:1 Power / RPM 8.2 hp / 6500 rpm Torque / revs nd Cooling Forced air Distribution lights cross Supply Orchard carburetor SI 20-15 (20 mm) Mixture 2% Ignition Flywheel Magnet Start Crank Clutch Multiple disc in oil bath Change 4-speed knob Cycling Frame Monocoque Front suspension Pull rod wheel with coil spring and shock absorber Rear Suspension helical spring and shock absorber Final Drive Direct Wheels Cantilever interchangeable with disk decomposable Front brake Drum 170 mm Rear brake Drum 170 mm Tires 3.50 X 10 front and rear Dimensions and Weight Length 1795 mm Width 710mm Seat height 780 mm Wheelbase 1220 mm Tank 9 liters Weight 110 Kg Performance claims Speed ​​'maximum 100 Km / h acceleration nd consumption 2.9 liters / 100 km

Vespa 160GS - VIN numbers; VIN serial numbers; Chassis number

  VIN prefix Year VIN Chassis Number Vespas made  
VSB1T #1 series - MK1
VSB1T 1962 1001 - 29970 28 969
VSB1T #2 series - MK2
VSB1T 1963 29971 - 48250 18 279
VSB1T 1964 48251 - 61000 12 749

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