In Sprint Veloce, emblem changed. Rectangular aluminum rear emblem reads "150 Sprint V" with a black background. Emblem "Piaggio" also changed menjadibentuk octagon. In Europe, the head of Sprint is sepertiyang trapezoidal lamp model is used in the GL and Super Sport. However, in the U.S., the headset is not in use. Instead, the U.S. model has a new head with round headlights. American law requires sealed beam lamps, and Piaggio choosing a single head design on all their scooters to accommodate it. Head is similar to that used on the Vespa and Vespa 125 Super Smallframe in Europe. The very early Sprint use the same headsetkepala Smallframe 125 with inset lights (non-sealed beam) y ang match with two tabs at the top of the lamp and the adjuster on the bottom. Having lights bilat sealed and made by Siem. Kromtebal wear rings.

On European models, the rear lights similar to those used in the GL and Super Sport. However, the regulatory changes in the United States due to not only the substitution of the headset (head) are different, but the rear lights are different, too. It is a style rear lights that are used in the last Vespa Super Sport for sale in the United States. The rear lights are not fitted to the body as the rear lights before, but attached to the body with a metal rod that also serves as the holder plate. The shaft and the rear lights round metal painted the same color as the body. A small square reflectors added to each side of the metal in accordance with the regulations at that time. Sprint Veloce then have the same version of the rear lights. Vespa is based on two-port 150cc powerplant in the GL but some internal modifications were made to improve the performance of the Sprint. Sedikit.Gearing increased compression strength slightly modified to accommodate the increase, as well as the flywheel and clutch.

The big change on vespa veloce include: design modified from the design with the addition of two major ports third transfer port at the top end. The compression ratio is 7,5:1 to 7,7:1 back up Sprint. Carburetor used on new motor Thisis SI20/20 and have a larger air filter from Sprint before. Exhaust also changed slightly to accommodate the motor change.

Vespa 150 Sprint Veloce - Series description

VLB1T  1969-1979

Vespa 150 Sprint Veloce - Technical specification

Frame type Rim Gears speed km/h Specification

VLB1T  1969-1979


largeframe 10" 4 gears 97 km/h

Production 218,119 copies Colors gray met. blue green red blue Frame numbers VLB1T 150001-368120 Engine Cylinders / time 2-stroke single cylinder Displacement 145.5 cc Bore and stroke 57 x 57 mm Compression ratio 8:1 Power / RPM 8.5 hp / 5800 rpm Torque / revs nd Cooling Forced air Distribution rotating Supply Carburetor orchard 20 \ 20 Mixture 2% Ignition flywheel Start crank Clutch multiple discs in oil bath Change 4-speed knob Cycling Frame Monocoque Front suspension Pull rod wheel with coil spring and shock absorber Rear Suspension Coil spring and shock absorber Final Drive Direct Wheels Cantilever interchangeable with disk decomposable Front brake Drum 150 mm Rear brake Drum 150 mm Tires 3.50 X 10 front and rear Dimensions and Weight Length 1770 mm Width 670 mm Seat height 810 mm Wheelbase 1200 mm Tank 7.5 liters Weight 95 Kg Performance claims Speed ​​'maximum 97 Km / h acceleration 0-75 in 15 sec consumption 2.2-liter \ 100 km

Vespa 150 Sprint Veloce - VIN numbers; VIN serial numbers; Chassis number

  VIN prefix Year VIN Chassis Number Vespas made  
VLB1T 1969 150001 - 154384 4 383
VLB1T 1970 154385 - 159754 5 369
VLB1T 1971 159755 - 164041 4 286
VLB1T 1972 164042 - 169331 5 289
VLB1T 1973 169332 - 173345 4 013
VLB1T 1974 173346 - 213336 39 990
VLB1T 1975 213337 - 248469 35 132
VLB1T 1976 248470 - 294169 45 699
VLB1T 1977 294170 - 349628 55 458
VLB1T 1978 349629 - 367672 18 043
VLB1T 1979 367673 - 368119 446

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