The Vespa 50 HP was produced from 1991 to 1999, namely: the model 3-speed from 1991 to 1993 model 4 Speed ​​1993 to 1999 . Unlike the past 50 Wasps mounted numerous pieces in plastic , like the fender, the flange under the seat and the rear cowl (aesthetically a continuation of the saddle). Came as standard the heating unit in aluminum , as well as a carburetor slightly increased (from 16:10 to 16:12, as other versions PK). It was also equipped with a starter, already introduced with the N and FL2 in previous years and had 4 HP (horsepower) to the wheel. Series was also the ' crankshaft and flywheel early lightest ever produced, weighing only 1.35 kg. It was the sale of young people of the 90s, however, marked the end of production of the Vespa 50 with manual transmission because he could not adapt to the anti-pollution regulations Euro 1 . In 1999 it was replaced by the Vespa ET2, completely new model with a continuously variable transmission and engine of modern design. Different variations over the years.

Vespa PK50XL HP - Series description

V5N2T  1991-1991

Vespa PK50XL HP - Technical specification

Frame type Rim Gears speed km/h Specification

V5N2T  1991-1991


smallframe 0" 0 gears ? km/h

Vespa PK50XL HP - VIN numbers; VIN serial numbers; Chassis number

  VIN prefix Year VIN Chassis Number Vespas made  

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