Vespa 90 SS where SS stands for Super Sprint , a version produced from 1965 to 1971 in 5309 copies and was the ' icon of the sports scooter for a whole generation. Had a displacement of 88.5 cm ³ and 6 hp at 6000 rpm / min. It is preferred at the time the version 50 (for the lack of license) or 125 (for the higher power). It was therefore a failure because very few models were sold and is still one of the most sought after Wasps.
Characteristic handlebar sports, spare wheel mounted centrally on the bridge and dominated by a fake tank on a kind of pillow useful for getting the prone position from the track. Was produced for the Italian market in two colors, red and peacock blue, the first in two shades, for foreign markets was also produced in white livery, there was also a small production of vespa 50 ss that had the same frame of older sister (that is, with the dummy fuel tank, handlebars sports and shield "aerodynamic") but with a detuned engine.

Vespa 90ss - Series description

V9SS1T  1965-1971

Vespa 90ss - Technical specification

Frame type Rim Gears speed km/h Specification

V9SS1T  1965-1971


smallframe 10" 4 gears 93 km/h

Production 5309 specimens Colors peacock blue and red Frame numbers V9SST 1001-6309 Engine Cylinders / time 2-stroke single cylinder Displacement 88.5 cc Bore and stroke 47 X 51 mm Compression ratio 8.7 :: 1 Power / RPM 6 hp / 6000 rpm Torque / revs nd Cooling Forced air Distribution rotating Supply Carburetor from the garden (SHB 16-16) 16 mm Mixture 2% Ignition Flywheel Magnet Start Crank Clutch Multiple disc in oil bath Change 4-speed knob Cycling Frame Monocoque Front suspension Pull rod wheel with coil spring and shock absorber Rear Suspension Coil spring and shock absorber Final Drive Direct Wheels Cantilever interchangeable with disk decomposable Front brake 125 mm drum Rear brake 125 mm drum Tires 3.00 X 10 front and rear Dimensions and Weight Length 1650 mm Width 550 mm Seat height 745 mm Wheelbase 1160 mm Tank 5 liters Weight 77 Kg Performance claims Speed ​​'maximum 93 km / h acceleration 0-70 Km / h 12.7 sec consumption 2.6 liters / 100 km

Vespa 90ss color (colour)

* Peacock Blue: MaxMeyer 1.298.7220
* (from 1965-1968) Monza Red: MaxMeyer 2.298.5850
* (from 1968-) Metallic Red : MaxMeyer 2.268.5802
* (Fork, Hub, Flywheel, etc.) Aluminum: MaxMeyer 1.268.0983
* Inside Beige Primer: MaxMeyer 3000M

Vespa 90ss - VIN numbers; VIN serial numbers; Chassis number

  VIN prefix Year VIN Chassis Number Vespas made  
V9SS1T1965 1001 - 22621 261
V9SS1T1966 2263 - 48762 613
V9SS1T1967 4877 - 5026149
V9SS1T1968 5027 - 5401374
V9SS1T1969 5402 - 5678276
V9SS1T1970 5679 - 6138459
V9SS1T1971 6139 - 6309170

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